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Machine Learning on Mobile

HummingBird Fuel

This AI-powered mobile app utilizes machine learning to analyze health data and recommend personalized microdosing schedules for medication. This has the potential to optimize medication effectiveness while minimizing side effects. Our initial focus is on using caffeine for targeted energy boosts.



This AI-powered to-do app lives conveniently on your phone. Simply capture a photo, record a voice memo, or take a note, and Photodo's intelligent assistant swings into action. It identifies the task, sets deadlines, locates nearby assistance, and even tracks your budget. It's like having a personal AI assistant in your pocket. (Android)



This innovative system leverages your smartwatch to assess your intoxication level and determine your driving suitability. It analyzes your walking patterns, writing style (when entering a code), and bio-sensor data to make this crucial call. This showcases the combined power of the iWatch's 4-core Neural Engine, accelerometer, and bio-sensors. (watchOS / iWatch10)




Streamlining medication management, RxDigita allows you to add meds by voice or photo (the app reads the label!), set reminders, and keep track of everything in a clear and organized list view. (Android)



This eco-friendly e-bike service leverages your fitness data (via Apple Health and Google Fit integration). Its ML capabilities help plan routes based on your calendar schedule and reward you with NFTs for choosing sustainable transportation. (Android & iOS)


Self-Driving LEGO® Car 

This project explores the exciting concept of creating a self-driving LEGO® car with your smartphone acting as the brains of the operation.

Design Docs:

AI Appliance Nutritionist

Abstract: The rise of smart appliances presents a unique opportunity to revolutionize personal nutrition. This article explores the concept of an AI/ML-powered appliance nutritionist, a system that integrates with smart refrigerators and ovens to guide users towards healthier eating habits. We discuss the potential functionalities of this system, including personalized meal planning, real-time recipe suggestions, and automated cooking based on dietary needs, available ingredients and current health data.

AI/ML Security Micro-Drone

Firefly Autonomous Home Security Micro-Drone

Micro-drone capable of autonomously surveying a home while the residents are away. This drone will capture images, upload them to YouTube, and notify the homeowner of any significant changes detected within the environment.

We will delve into the components, software, and functionalities required for this project, emphasizing safety and responsible use.

Small Businesses with AI/ML

Implementing AI/ML to generate foot traffic and enhance customer understanding marks a transformative step for local mom-and-pop shops. By harnessing user interaction data, demographic insights, and behavioral patterns, we can create sophisticated models that personalize customer experiences and provide actionable insights for merchants. 


⬅️ This article emphasizes the critical role of foot traffic for the survival and success of small businesses. It highlights that small businesses make up 99.9% of all U.S. businesses but often struggle to survive, with many closing within a few years. To help these businesses, the article suggests using AI/ML to increase foot traffic, proposing a mobile app that shows local shops offering free samples. This approach aims to drive customer visits, provide real-time feedback, and enable A/B testing for brick-and-mortar stores, ultimately boosting sales and customer loyalty.

AI/ ML Soda Fountain

This concept reimagines movie theater soda through AI/ML. Users create custom drinks on a smartphone app, with AI suggesting flavors based on movie genre (think citrusy thrillers or berry-licious comedies!). This personalization enhances the moviegoing experience and caters to individual preferences.

AI/ML Creativity

Facial Aware Ads (FAPA)

We're excited to present our research on Facial Aware Personalized Advertising (FAPA), a novel approach that personalizes in-mall (offline) advertising without compromising user privacy.

Imagine a future where digital billboards adapt to each viewer.  As a shopper walks by, the display analyzes their facial features (not for identification!), emotions, and even clothing style to deliver the perfect ad in real-time.  For example, a surprised woman carrying a gym bag might see a fitness tracker ad, while a stressed-looking man in a suit could be shown a relaxing massage promotion.

FAPA leverages cutting-edge AI/ML technologies like convolutional neural networks to create relevant and engaging ad experiences.  Crucially, our system prioritizes user privacy by anonymizing all data before analysis.

Jag.U.R™  Utility Robot

Jag.U.R™ : Rust--AI/ML assistive/service helper RoboDog.

JourneyAgileGuiding - Utility U: Robotic R: 

Pronounce: Jag.U.R (dʒæg.jʊ.ar) ™ = "Jag.You.Are"

We can look forward to a future where intelligent robots seamlessly integrate into our lives, empowering us and shaping a brighter tomorrow. Imagine a world where robots like Jag.U.R. become trusted companions, empowering us to live richer and more fulfilling lives.

Demystifying Mobile Machine Learning

A Multi-Tool Approach

Android's & iOS ML Arsenal: Choosing the Right Tool

When it comes to Android & iOS , there's no one-size-fits-all solution for ML. 

Here's a breakdown of the key options and their ideal use cases


ML Kit 

Perfect for quick integration. It offers user-friendly APIs and pre-built models for common tasks like face detection or text recognition. However, customization is limited.

Firebase ML

Seamlessly integrates with the Firebase ecosystem, providing pre-built models for specific tasks like image labeling or language translation. Similar to ML Kit, customization options are restricted.

TensorFlow (TF) Lite

If high performance and complete control are your priorities, TF Lite is the way to go. It allows you to leverage custom models, but requires a solid understanding of machine learning concepts.

MediaPipe (New)

This newcomer simplifies complex machine learning pipelines by offering a versatile and easy-to-use framework built on top of TF Lite. For developers seeking a low-code or no-code alternative to TF Lite, MediaPipe is a great option.

Gemini Nano (New)

Privacy takes center stage with Gemini Nano. This secure execution environment boasts a chat-like interface for interacting with models. However, current limitations include flexibility and device compatibility (currently only available on Pixel 8 Pro).

AI Core (New)

This hardware acceleration component complements Gemini Nano on compatible devices, further optimizing its performance.


Core ML and Create ML - A Powerful Duo
Apple's mobile ecosystem offers Core ML and Create ML for streamlined ML development on iOS:

Core ML

The core (pun intended) of on-device machine learning in iOS apps. It acts as a bridge, allowing your app to interact with various machine learning models in a unified way. These models can be used for tasks like image classification or making predictions. Core ML empowers you to run models directly on the device, enhancing speed and privacy compared to cloud-based solutions.

Create ML

This user-friendly tool streamlines the creation of custom machine learning models. Imagine it as a drag-and-drop interface where you provide your training data, and Create ML handles the model creation process. It's ideal for beginners or scenarios where complex models aren't required.

Detailed Breakdown of Autonomous Home Security Micro-Drone

This document outlines the design and functionalities of an autonomous home security micro-drone system, leveraging advancements in miniaturization, sensor technology, and software.


Building and Programming